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Puerto Rico’s Heart & Soul 

Our City

“Criollo” … The meaning of this word is unique for the people of Puerto Rico. It represents everything that makes and their unique. Its sights… its flavors… its sounds. ITS ESSENCE. And there is a unique place where the definition of “criollo” comes to life in its entirety: in Caguas. You can ask any Puerto Rican. Puerto Rico’s heart beats in Caguas. Come and discover why! 


Caguas is an innovative metropolis filled to the brim with art, culture and businesses.

Discover what the city has to offer!

  • Del Corazón Criollo Route

  • Beato Carlos Manuel Route

  • Monuments and Plazas Route

  • De la Salsa Route

  • Nightlife

  • Botanical Garden

  • C3TEC

  • Tours

  • The Sangría

    Factory Tour

  • FOK Brewing Co

  • Royal Casino

  • Theaters


Have a good time in Caguas!


Our event Calendar is filled with activities for you and the whole family. With a variety of recurring events such as: Sábados Pa’ la Plaza, De los Artistas Walk, Al Fresco Culinary Show, Agricultural Market, Puerto Rico Sings and Grows, The Gautier’s Walk Festivities and much more await you in our beautiful city. Read about the activities celebrated in the Criolla City by subscribing to our weekly bulletin “Pa’ Caguas el Wikén”. You’ll receive all weekend activities.


With a gastronomy outlined by the mixture of cultures that ordinated our country, our city’s culinary offer is composed of Criolla tradition and international flavors. Here, you will find a variety of restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream shops, food trucks, and much more. Please your taste buds in our Criolla City.


Bon Appetite!


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