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“Criollo” … The meaning of this word is unique for the people of Puerto Rico. It represents everything that makes and their unique. Its sights… its flavors… its sounds. ITS ESSENCE. And there is a unique place where the definition of “criollo” comes to life in its entirety: in Caguas. You can ask any Puerto Rican. Puerto Rico’s heart beats in Caguas. Come and discover why! 

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Plan your next outing enjoying everything that Caguas has to offer!

The Gastronomic Capital of Puerto Rico has a large number and great variety of gastronomic establishments, gastronomic routes, excellent restaurants, museums, theaters, natural resources and many other tourist attractions and events for your enjoyment and that of your family and friends during the day and night.

We invite you to access these three buttons to facilitate your visit to our city. Stay tuned for our next activities!



Caguas is an innovative metropolis filled to the brim with art, culture, nature, nightlife and businesses.


Discover an amazing variety of activities, attractions, things to do and entertainment for all ages and interests!



Have a good time in Caguas!

Our Events Calendar is filled with activities for you and the whole family.

A great variety of recurring events await you in our beautiful city. Some of them are: Los Sábados Pa’ la Plaza, “Paseo de los Artistas” Festival, the Al Fresco Music and Culinary Festival, Puerto Rico Sings and Grows, The Gautier’s Promenade Festivities and much more.

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¡Caguas Tiene Sazón! Caguas Has Sazón!

“Sazón” means seasoning (a blend of spices) and is what creates the flavor and most of the color of the Puerto Rican Cuisine.


With a gastronomy delineated by the fusion of cultures that gave rise to our people, the culinary offer of our city is outlined between the “Criollo” (Puerto Rican) tradition and international flavors. Here you will find a surprising variety of restaurants, cafes, ice cream parlors, food trucks and many others food establishments. Delight your palate in our “Criollo” City.

In addition, we invite you to get acquainted with our extensive list of tasty gastronomic routes. Certainly in the Gastronomic Capital of Puerto Rico you will find much more than one Gastronomic Route for you and your family and friends. 


Access these buttons to learn more and enjoy our gastronomy.

 ¡Enjoy your meal... and always remember that Caguas Tiene Sazón!


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