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Centro de Bellas Artes de Caguas


The Centro de Bellas Artes de Caguas, (Performing Arts Center) named in honor of the city's past mayor Ángel O. Berríos, was inaugurated in 1993. Its modern structure, architecturally dynamic and of great capacity, has made it one of the largest and most complete centers from all over the Caribbean.  

Our Centro de Bellas Artes is the premier hall of many artists and their followers, who will enjoy its spacious rooms and excellent sound, acoustic and cutting-edge lighting technology. 

The Felipe Rodríguez Concert Hall is today the most advanced and modern of the whole island, completely digital and with LED technology. 

On its premises there are also the Cueva del Mar and Huachinango Restaurant.


Phone: 787-653-5323

Address: Caguas, Puerto Rico 


GPS: 18.235930, -66.036800


Caribbean Cinemas


Caribbean Cinema is the largest cinema chain in the Caribbean, with approximately 570 screens in 68 locations in Puerto Rico and other countries. The Caguas cinema has the first large-format CXC room with a capacity of 460 seats, a Dolby Atmos digital sound system with over 60 speakers, a huge 4K screen, and comfortable numbered seats so that customers can choose their seats in advance. In addition to the 11 regular rooms, they have other offerings that contribute to the visitor's experience such as: Food Station, Birthday Cinema, Gift Certificates, Activity Room, Game Room and the presentation of Alternative Content such as opera, ballet, concerts and sports events. 



Phone: 787-747-1415 

Address: Las Catalinas Shopping Center PR-52

GPS: 18.239695, -66.041039


Cine Teatro Fundación Ángel Ramos


The Cinema Theater located on the premises of the C3TeC: The Caribbean “Criollo” Center for Science and Technology, meets the specifications established by the "Digital Cinema Initiatives". The space is available for rental of conferences, seminars, workshops, private activities, birthdays, artistic presentations, short films and film festivals. The generous support of the Ángel Ramos Foundation allowed the cinema-theater to be equipped with the most advanced audiovisual equipment in the area, which includes:


• 4K and 3D high definition projection system

• 7.1 digital sound system

• Podium with multiple media capabilities

• Big screen

• Video Conferencing system

• Audiovisual technician

• Fixed light system

• Digital sound system

• 191 comfortable armchairs

• Space for disabled



Phone: 787-653-6391

Ticket Office: | 787-792-5000

Address: Ave. Gautier Benitez #59

GPS: 18.228629, -66.035948


Luis M. Arcelay Theater 


The Luis M. Arcelay Theater was founded in 1912, by Don Luis María Arcelay, a distinguished businessman in Caguas, with combined theater and cinema functions.  

In the 1970s, it became the Lido Cinema, where the cinematographic pieces of the moment were exhibited. Later it returned to operate as a theater and stage for various festivals. Today it constitutes an indispensable workshop for the new generation of actors and actresses from Caguas. 

It is home to the Caguas Theater Festival (a former theatrical event outside the metropolitan area), the Children's Theater Festival and the School Theater Festival. 

In this two-level structure, the neoclassical style is reflected in the use of pilasters, pediments, cornices and arches. The composition of the facade and the curved segment that unites the two lateral bodies of the façade stand out on the front and define the main entrance.  


The theater room has a capacity of 250 seats, a stage with a 30’ downstage, 20' depth and 16 'height, a lighting system, a sound system, a lobby, a ticket office and the services of Light and Sound Technicians included in the leasing of the Theater. 


In order to use the Theater, a formal request must be sent to the Director of the Department of Culture of Caguas with a detailed description of the activity for which the rental is requested.

Phone: 787-746-4354

Address: Acosta Street (In front of the Public Car Terminal)

GPS: 18.234932, -66.033344

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