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General Information

Caguas is a very accessible destination. It is located just south of San Juan, only 30 minutes from the International Airport Luis Muñoz Marín and San Juan’s docks. The city is suitably located at the junction of the main highways connecting the north with the south (Road #52), and the center with the east (Road #30). 


Its strategic position in the central-eastern region of the Island allowing easy access from the center of the island through the Roads #156 y #172 of the towns of Aguas Buenas y Cidra respectively. 


Distance to important cities:


  • San Juan 18.6 mills (30 km)

  • Humacao 18.6 mills (30 km)

  • Bayamón 23.6 mills (38 km)

  • Carolina 24.9 mills (40 km)

  • Fajardo 42.3 mills (68 km)

  • Ponce 56.5 mills (91 km)

  • Arecibo 63.4 mills (102 km)

  • Aguadilla 93.8 mills (151 km)

  • Mayagüez 100 mills (161 km)


Caguas’s Time Zone, as well as the time zone of Puerto Rico, is GMT – 4 and it does not change during the summer months. This is the reason why during the summer season, Puerto Rico’s time coincides with that of the east coast of the USA.




Caguas enjoys a humid and tropical climate with an abundance of sunny days, and alternating rains during the whole year. The maximum temperature averages around 87 °F (30 °C), and 67°F (19° C) at minimum. Because there is no difference between summer and winter climate, there is little temperature variation throughout the year. Trade winds from the East cool the region. 

LANGUAGES: Spanish and English

COIN/ BANK: American Dollar




January 1st: New Years

January 6th: Three Kings Day

January 18st: Martin Luther King Jr.

February 17th: President’s Day

April 10: Good Friday

May 25th: Memorial Day

4 of July: USA Independence Day

July 25th: Puerto Rico Constitution Day

September 7th: Labor Day

October 12: Columbus Day and Day of the Race

November 11th: Veterans Day

November 19th: Discovery of Puerto Rico

November 26th: Thanksgiving

December 24th: Christmas Eve

December 25th: Christmas

December 31st: New Year’s Eve




State Police: 787-743-2020 

Municipal police: 787-343-2020

Municipal Office of Emergency Management (O.M.M.E): 787-743-1510




Inter-American Hospital for Advanced Medicine (HIMA): 787-653-3434

Menonita Hospital: 787-653-0550

SANOS Corporation: 787-745-0340

Healthcare Ambulatory Services (HAS): 787-286-6060

Metro Pavia Clinic: 787-772-9850


Emergency System: 9-1-1

Firemen: 787-743-2121

Autonomous Municipality of Caguas: 787-653-8833

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