Blessed Carlos Manuel Rodríguez Route

The route runs through 9 stops or areas where the life of Carlos Manel Rodríguez developed, the one and only Blessed of Puerto Rico. When touring it, you will learn his history, and know interesting details of his life and his miracle.


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Muñoz Rivera Street #20, Esq. Ruiz Belvis (1930-1931)

Residency in which he lived from 12 to 13 years of age. This is the place where the incident with the dog occurred, where he showed his valor and heroism.

GPS: 18.235331, -66.035720

Muñoz Rivera Street # 4 (1931-1932)


Residence in which he lived from 13 to 14 years of age. The facade of this structure remains in its original state. 


GPS: 18.236269, -66.035289

Urb. Paradis Calle Corchado # 3 Esq. Lope Flores


This is the residence in which the Blessed’s sister, Sixta (Titai) Rodríguez, lived. She kept his shoes after his death. A woman who couldn’t walk once put on the shoes, and after a couple of months, she returned walking; because of this, many people bagan to visit her to try on the shoes.


GPS: 18.237268, -66.033500

Casa Rosada (1937-1954)


Residence in which he lived in since he was 19 until he was 36. The Sala Carlos Manuel Rodríguez; place where he evangelized and catechized family and friends.

Notre Dame Catholic School (1924-1932) 

Where Blessed Carlos Manuel studied from grade 1st to 8th grade. 

GPS: 18.235071, -66.033635

Calle Betances # 41 (1954-1963)


Residence in which he lived since he was 36 years old until he was 44. Place where he lived during the last 9 years of his life. It was also the place where his wake was held. 


GPS: 18.233518, -66.033590

Calle Betances # 51 2do nivel (1932-1935) 

Residence in which he lived since he was 14 years old until he was 17. Residence in its original state. 

GPS: 18.233769, -66.034089

Dulce Nombre de Jesús Cathedral 


Here is where he would assist for daily mass. He was baptized on May 4th, 1919. His Confirmation was on March 12th, 1924. His burial was held on July 13th, 1963. His remains rest in the altarpiece “Retablo del Beato”. There are five relics in the museum “Museo del Beato”: pants, crucifix, shoes, bible, and Paschal candle.


Mass: Dulce Nombre de Jesús Cathedral 


Saturdays at 12:10 pm in Beato Carlos Manuel Rodríguez’s honor. 

It is officiated by the Fathers of the Cathedral.


Celebration of the Blessed


On May 4th, there is a mass in honor of Blessed Carlos Manuel Rodríguez. It is officiated by the the Bishop of the Caguas Diocese. For orientation about the schedule, you must call three days prior for confirmation.


Phone: 787-743-4311

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