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Monuments & Plazas Route

This route has 17 stops in which monuments and historical points that honor the art and culture of Caguas and Puerto Rico are showcased. The plazas are included to celebrate the lives of famous people, both from Caguas and the entire Island.

For more information, please contact the Tourism Office: 787-653-8833 exts. 2908, 2957.

ana _8.png

Tourism Office “Edificio la Democracia”

This building was built in the mid-nineteenth century and was owned by the Solá Brothers. It became the headquarters of La Democracia (The Democracy) Newspaper just after the previous facilities of the famous publication were burned down in 1900 by enemies of the American Federal Party. This Party was presided by the illustrious patriot and politician Don Luis Muñoz Rivera. It currently houses the Tourist Information Office of the Municipality of Caguas. Here, our visitors can find all the necessary information to spend a stay in our “Criollo” City. 


Phone: 787-653-8833, Exts. 2908, 2957.

Address: Muñoz Rivera Street and Ruiz Belvis Street Corner

In front of Plaza de Recreo Santiago R. Palmer

Caguas, Puerto Rico

GPS: 18.235150, -66.035752

Parada 2.jpg

“Tallados en el Batey” Mosaic 


Mosaic titled “Tallados en el Batey” “(Carvings in the Batey) that decorates the bridge at Exit 19 (route to Aguas Buenas). It, highlights its carving craftsmen, the Botanical and Cultural Garden, the indigenous batey and the legend of the decapitated bride.


Address: Exit 19 from highway 52

GPS: 18.233989, -66.043075

Parada 3.jpg

Puerto Rican Soldier Monument

A Caguas tribute to peace. In memory of all the good Puerto Ricans who served in the Armed Forces.

Address: Road 156 to Aguas Buenas

GPS: 18.233500, -66.049867

parada 4.JPG

Monument to Luis Muñoz Marín

Tribute to the life and work of such an illustrious Puerto Rican. The monumental complex includes a park with a seating area and free parking. Located on Muñoz Marín Ave. in front of Bairoa Walgreens. 


Address: Bairoa, Caguas

GPS: 18.249247, -66.036388


Taino Heritage Monument

The monument features a bronze sculpture of a Taino Indian woman with her arms outstretched welcoming locals and visitors to the City. It is located at the northern entrance to the City. The sculpture is complemented by a beautiful fountain and the “Puente de las Damas” (Women’s Bridge). This complex, was inaugurated in 2001 and has become one of the most symbolic images of the City. It is a tribute to our Taíno heritage and to the “Cagüeña” woman. It is a work of art created by the artist María Elena Perales.


Address: Entrance to Caguas through Road #1 North

GPS: 18.239278, -66.035338

parada 6.jpg

Mercado Diego Ayala Plaza

Built in 1973. It received the name Diego Ayala honoring the first merchant of the old merchant Plaza en Padial Street.


Address: Ave. Rafael Cordero with Ave. Gurabo


Plaza de La Juventud

It is named after the young Michael A. Marrero Félix, Cagüeño by adoption, outstanding in the field of engineering.

Address: Celis Aguilera Street

GPS: 18.234612, -66.030540

parada 8.png

Rafael Cordero Plaza 

Triangular formed by Calle Vizcarrondo, Calle Hostos, and Ave. Cordero.

Address: Ave. Rafael Cordero

Vizcarrondo Street Corner

Caguas, Puerto Rico

GPS: 18.232194, -66.031915

parada 9.jpg

African Heritage Monument


The monument named “Ritmo” (Rhythm) consists of three bronze sculptures representing two bomba dancers and a gigantic musician who plays the drum. Located at the eastern exit of the City, it is intended to honor African culture in Puerto Rico. It is a work of art created by David Aponte that is complemented by a fountain, with a pedestrian bridge to contemplate the Turabo River and with the mural “Negros con Alas” by the artists Celso González and Roberto Biaggi. A mural that honors 25 Puerto Rican personalities of African descent who stood out for their great work in different fields of human endeavor.


Address: Road 183

GPS: 18.224013, -66.026305


Plaza de Los Maestros

Dedicated to Professor Gloria Burgos. It has the necessary elements to offer art, theater and culture to the citizens of Caguas.


Address: Road 32

GPS: 18.212899, -66.038506

parada 11.JPG

European Heritage Monument


This monument honors the hispanic ethnicity, and shows a statue of the first Puerto Rican Bishop, Alejo Arizmendi, holding a gigantic cross on a ship. The monument is located at the southern exit of the city, with a two column fountain. One column includes texts from the first newspapers and literature pieces of Puerto Rico, such as: La Gaceta, El Aguinaldo, El Jíbaro, and El Josco. The other column is inspired by the three musical instruments derived from the Spanish guitar: the cuatro, the tiple, and the bordonúa. The piece was created by the artist María Elena Perales.


Address: Road  1 South

GPS: 18.219503, -66.041329

parada 12.png

José Gautier Benítez School

Built in the 1920s. Known as the ‘Caguas High School’. Declared Federal Historic Monument by the National Historic Places of USA.

Address: Caguas, Puerto Rico

GPS: 18.227600, -66.035752

Parada 13.png

Old Fire Station

In 1942, under the Mayor Manuel Seoane’s administration, the Bombas de Caguas Park was built. 

Address: Gautier Benítez Street

GPS: 18.228381, -66.036053

Parada 14.jpg

Science Criollo Center and Caribbean Technology (C3TEC)

A space to live unforgettable moments around science and technology. 

C3TEC is a unique place where science becomes a fascinating experience. An interactive space for the enjoyment of the big and small. 

Permanent exhibitions and scientific laboratories to explore topics such as: geology, climate change, or living organisms.

C3TEC also counts on a cinema-theatre where documentaries, short films, and movies are often projected. They also have rooms to rent for conferences.


Phone: 787-653-6391

Address: Gautier Benítez Street #59

Caguas, Puerto Rico

GPS: 18.229173, -66.035648

parada 16.jpg

Juan Corujo Collazo Plaza 

Inaugurated in 2000 honors Juan Corujo´s life. A  distinguished public servant: as a municipal legislator, a member of the House of Representatives, and an Administrative Judge of the Caguas Judicial Center.

Address: Forastieri Street

GPS: 18.230278, -66.036672

parada 17.jpg

Bust of Ramón Emeterio Betances

His patriotic gestation makes him a top figure in the 19th century.

Address: Ramón Emeterio Betances Street, José Mercado corner.

GPS: 18.234585, -66.037926

parada 18.jpg

Felipe “La Voz” Rodríguez Monument 

It was unveiled in 2004. It is a tribute for his legacy in music. His style was bolero with a mix of tango.

Address: Goyco Street & Tapia Street

GPS: 18.236767, -66.036093

Parada 20.png

Miguel Hernández Monument


Don Miguel Hernández Rodríguez was the mayor of Caguas from 1969 to 1972, and from 1977 to 1980. During his tenure he developed several projects. Among them are: the Residencial Complex  Idamaris Gardens (named in honor of his granddaughter), the creation of the Municipal Culture Department, the acquisition of the Arcelay Theater, the construction of what is now the Héctor Solá Bezares Coliseum and other sports facilities, and the creation of the Municipal Police. This piece was made by the sculptor Alwin Rivera "Riomonte" and was inaugurated on October 10, 2008. 


Address: Road #1 in front of Bairoa Shopping Center

GPS: 18.255440, -66.036562

parada 19.jpg

William Miranda Marín Monument 


Monument that honors the life and legacy of Caguas Mayor William Miranda Marín, the man that made history in Caguas and in Puerto Rico. The president of the Insurance Concept Center, LLC, Damián "Danny" Martínez Vázquez, and his wife, María Teresa Ayala, donated this monument conceptualized and designed by the Cagüeño architect Claudio Solano Resto.


Address: At the corner of Acosta Street with Paradis Street Centro Urbano Tradicional

GPS: 18.236578, -66.032293

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