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Botanical & Cultural Garden William Miranda Marín


An encounter with nature and culture


Favored for its tropical climate, the Botanical and Cultural Garden William Miranda Marín is an attractive place to enjoy nature, and along the way, discover the history that has defined the Caribbean. When visiting, you will be able to take pictures of the beauty that it contains. Walk along the pathways and discover within its sceneries the waters of the Cagüitas River, with its exuberant flora and fauna. Along with the variety of attractions offered, the natural elements stand out. The Garden contains a great diversity of native trees and endemics endangered trees, or dozens of trees, and fruit plants that define what makes Puerto Rico. Likewise, the cultural elements stand out, and in the garden, it is easy to allow your imagination to travel through time.


Home to archeological deposits, both pre-colombians and colonials, it gathers everything from indigenous petroglyphs, the remains of a Spanish Hacienda to an African slave bunkhouse. Throughout time, the Garden has been the home to the “Taínos” Indians that lived on the island, Spaniards that built what is now the ruins of the old sugar mill San José, and the Africans brought to work as slaves.

They offer a gastronomic experience in their restaurant La Jardinera Bistro Criollo.


There is no doubt that the “Jardín Botánico”, as locals call it, is the best place to celebrate your wedding, birthday, and/or private activity.



Phone: 787-653-0470 / 787-653-0469


ScheduleWednesday to Sunday from 10:00am - 3:00pm

Wednesday: With reservations

Thursday to Sunday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Address: Road 156 Km. 56.5

Bo. Cañabón

Caguas, PR 00726

GPS: 18.241349, -66.061117

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