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C3TEC: Caribbean “Criollo” Center for Science and Technology

A place to experience unforgettable moments around science and technology. C3TEC is a unique place where science becomes a fascinating experience. An interactive space for the enjoyment of the big and small. Permanent exhibitions and scientific laboratories where visitors explore topics such as: geology, climate change, or living organisms. The third floor gives access to the rooftop, and the green roof, an ecological space that promotes sustainable technologies through a vegetation cover. 

C3TEC also counts on a cinema-theatre where documentaries, short films, and movies are presented. They also have rooms to rent for conferences and birthdays, and the Cafetec gastronomic establishment. 


Web: c3tec.org

Phone: 787-653-6391



Mondays through Wednesdays: RSVP 

Thursdays and Saturdays: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm 


Address: #59 Ave. Gautier Benítez 

GPS: 18.229146, -66.035977

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