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Caguas offers a great gastronomic offer that is characterized by being very diverse in its flavor, seasoning, preparation and presentation, as well as in the different types of gastronomy and gastronomic establishments. Not only will you find a great variety of restaurants, cafes, ice cream parlors, food trucks, “chinchorros” and “lechoneras” (selling roasted pork), but also activities and cultural-gastronomic events unique in their class and in Puerto Rico. 

Delight your palate in our “Criollo” City! Enjoy your meal! 

Any person or visitor who loves food and drinks should visit our city. Here you can taste our tasty Criollo cuisine, varied international cuisine and creative gastronomic fusions. In addition, you can enjoy local and international drinks in restaurants, pubs, in their own factories, “chinchorros” and in gastronomic activities and events that you will only find in Caguas. 

We invite you to know "The Sangria Factory" and the Brewery F.O.K. (Fresh Of Keg). Both offer tasting rooms and special activities. We also invite you to participate in all our fairs and cultural and artistic activities in the plazas and roads of the Urban Center during the weekends. There you will find different curiosities, snacks and gastronomic specialties as well. 

If you are a person who loves to try and savor curiosities, snacks and gastronomic specialties in a calmer environment, we invite you to visit our Urban Center from Monday to Friday. In the Plaza Santiago R. Palmer, you can find gastronomic kiosks where you can enjoy typical sweets, Puerto Rican coffee, piña coladas, fruit frappés, all kinds of fried foods, among others. We also have gastronomic establishments very close to this plaza where you can surely taste something tasty. 

We invite you to visit the Tourism Office located in front of the Plaza Santiago R. Palmer (Calle Luis Muñoz Rivera, corner Calle Segundo Ruiz Belvis) or contact it from Monday through Friday (8am - 5pm), or Saturdays (9am - 5pm), or by phone at (787) 653-8833 Exts. 2908, 2917,2984 for additional information on gastronomy in the “Criollo” City. 

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