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Tourism Routes, Trails, Walks, Nature Adventures and Sightseeing Tours


In Caguas you will find Tourism Routes, Trails, Walks, Nature Adventures and Sightseeing Tours that are unique to the “Criollo” City. Nowhere else in Puerto Rico you will find it as Caguas offers it. Choose your favorite either as a family or individually, savor the rich and varied cuisine we offer, and spend a great day in the Center and Heart of Puerto Rico ... Caguas. 


  • The “Criollo” Heart Trail: It honors the “criollismo” and includes 7 museums and places of interest in the Centro Urbano (Urban Center). Each museum has a tour guide and the entrance is free.


  • Blessed Carlos Manuel Trail, honors the 1st Puerto Rican blessed. Offers free tours. Reservations are required. 


  • Monuments and Plazas Route, it also includes the three Portales de la Ciudad (City Portals).


  • “El Salto” Waterfall - "Tornasol" Canyon Adventure, adventurers looking for a challenging nature-adventure tour will love the Cañón Tornasol located at the vicinity of the Carite Rainforest. Activities such as river hiking, ziplining in 5 different ziplines, rock climbing, rappelling 80 feet down the crystalline waters of El Salto waterfall to the bottom of a canyon awaits you! For more information and reservations contact, call 787-268-0101 or send an email to


  • “Criollo” Salsa Route, Salsa Music Tour offered by CL Tours.  Through the “Criollo” Salsa Route you can visit places where you can dance and listen to salsa, visit record stores and musical instruments stores, monuments, public art and places frequented by famous “salseros”. For reservations call 787-414-2025 or send an email to 


  • "Chinchorreo" Route, includes a great variety of gastronomic establishments with their respective local flavor specialties. Visitors and locals love to visit the “chinchorros” on weekends to have fun with friends and for drinks, food, play pool, dance with jukebox or live music. 


  • "Honor al Río" Walk:, honors the Cagüitas River and includes the Biennial of Sculptures in Concrete.


  • Botanical & Cultural Garden William Miranda Marín: It honors the three ethnic groups that when merged created the "criollismo". Includes guided tours that enhance the nature and history of the country.


  • C3TEC, The Caribbean “Criollo” Center for Science and Technology offers tours and exhibition halls that foster an exciting encounter with science and technology. 


  • LA COSS Community Tour - San Salvador Neighborhood Ecological Garden: Visit or work as a volunteer in this beautiful Ecological Garden. It is located in Caguas countryside not in its urban area. Discover and enjoy its tropical and endemic flora and fauna. See Taíno Indians petroglyphs and learn about its history.  It is surrounded by rivers and springs. Enjoy and buy its fresh produce.


  • LA COSS Community Tour - San Salvador Neighborhood Hiking Tour: Hike and explore San Salvador's mountains located in Puerto Rico´s Central Mountain Range. The hike includes a fantastic panoramic view from the “Loma del Viento” (a windy hill) and a Puerto Rican typical lunch at the San Salvador Neighborhood Ecological Garden.


  • Community Tour: Urbe Apié: Highlights the museums and urban art in the public spaces of the Urban Center. For additional information call 787-907-9215.


  • Brewery F.O.K. (Fresh Of Keg), includes tour and tasting room.


  • The Sangría Factory: Includes tasting room.


The following tour operators offer their services in Caguas. Among the places of interest you could visit are: The “Criollo” Heart Trail, The “Criollo” Salsa Route, The Botanical and Cultural Garden William Miranda Marín, The Sangría Factory, among others.  An adventure awaits you in Caguas. Contact us for more information at (787) 653-8833 Ext. 2908, 2957 & 2984 and reserve a tour in our city.

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