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Santiago R. Palmer Plaza 


The center of our city.


The origins of the Santiago R. Palmer Plaza date back to the end of the 18th century, when the old village of San Sebastián del Barrero was transformed into the town of Caguas.


Over time the Plaza, center and axis of the new town, was transforming. Rebuilt and remodeled several times during the subsequent centuries; It gets its current name in 1906 in honor of Santiago R. Palmer, politician and pioneer of the Masonic movement in Puerto Rico. Currently, surrounded by relevant shops and buildings, it remains the center of the city.

When visiting it, do not miss its fountains and sculptures. Walk along its sidewalks and visit the floral clock, its pond and the aviary, home of the parrots Hortensia, Hugo and José María that watch over our beautiful Plaza.

Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy exquisite gourmet Puerto Rican coffee sitting in the shade of lush trees overlooking the Cathedral, or try the gastronomic dishes offered by the food carts installed on its premises such as local fritters, snacks, delightful local homemade candies or ice cream, refreshing piña coladas, fruit frappes, and other type of refreshments. In its surroundings there are many restaurants and museums.


If you travel with children, do not forget the carousel, it is a delight for the little ones. 


On Saturdays “Los Sábados pa’ la Plaza” is celebrated, an activity with live music, artisans, dance performances, games and lots of entertainment from 4:00 pm.


Certainly, is one of the most pleasant and beautiful recreational Plazas in Puerto Rico.


The Plaza is located between Muñoz Rivera, Betances, Corchado and Ruiz Belvis streets. The carousel is a free attraction and operates from Friday to Sunday.


Phone: 787-653-8833 x2904, x2957

Address: Union of Muñoz Rivera Street, Betances, Corchado & Ruiz Belvis Streets

GPS: 18.234626, -66.035258

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