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Honor al Río Walk

A space where art and nature intertwine. This linear park runs along the banks of the Cagüitas river with a beautiful boardwalk, bridges, gazebos, and gorgeous gardens that shape the path. Honor al Río is enriched with a Biennial of Sculpture in Concrete. This Biennial seeks to educate through art and to bring a message of creativity through each artist’s piece. With each Biennial, the Walk increases its value and artistic heritage as sculptures by local and international artists are added to adorn the landscape and create a comprehensive space for the recreation of all its visitors.


Currently, it has more than 15 concrete sculptures, a lot of which are of monumental size. These are structures that proclaim that modern art can have a positive impact on its environment.


Schedule: Monday to Sunday from 6:00 am - 7:00 pm

Address: Villa Blanca Mall in front of Sally Beauty parking lot

GPS: 18.240617, -66.034992

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